What is this comic?
Devil May Care is an online comic book that I will not try to describe the plot of, because it’s easier if you just go ahead and read it.

When does it update?
Once a week, Wednesday night/Thursdays morning.  This may change in the future.

Who’s responsible for this comic anyway?
That would be me and my amazing friend D. Tauntaun K., who does the gorgeous colors. I’m a graduate student at MIT in Mechanical Engineering.  This comic is a side project of mine that I’m trying to fit in between classes and research.  It’s unclear at the moment if that will be long term sustainable, but we’ll see.

D. Tauntaun K.:  I’m a grad student at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in Behavioral Systems Neuroscience, and this comic has been the perfect excuse to reconnect with my technology-enabled inner four-year-old when I’m not running experiments on cuttlefish at Woods Hole.

We’ve gotten a lot of help from a lot of awesome people on this comic:

Hubert Hwang – Super Ninja Hacker (he built the website)
Michael Anaya –  Editor and Collaborator Extraordinaire (he helps edit, and also lets me bounce my stupid ideas off of him and turns them into better ideas)
Michelle and Evelyn Florentine – Annoying little sisters– um, I meant editors.  (Actually, in reversal of traditional sibling roles, these guys have been letting me drive them crazy with help formulating the story and editing chapters)
Rachel Bowens-Ruben, Zach Barryte – More editors!